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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Remove Your Subconscious Blocks to Manifesting your Bliss Life with Soul Healing Therapy.

Using gentle self-love-based psychology and spiritual energetics we rewire your subconscious and conscious fields.

Channeled meditations guide you deep into your own power and help you embody your divine self.

Discover your purpose, your inner guidance, and the path to your Bliss Life using powerful activations.

Manifest your partner, your job, your abundance, your success using manifestation techniques downloaded directly from my Higher Self and tailored to you.

Connect with amazing men and women on the same journey and experience the healing power of soul connections through our group experiences.

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Jess Taylor is not a licensed mental health professional and operates as a life coach. She has the training of a 5th-year Clinical Psychology PhD student but she never graduated and was not eligible to get her license. Please read the "legal stuff' for more information.

Soul Healing Offerings


1:1 Soul Healing Sessions (60 Minutes)

😍In these 1:1 Sessions I will use my connection to my Higher Self to feel into how to best help you reach your desired state of being. Often that means showing you the path towards loving yourself, teaching you how to calm down your survival brain, and guide you on rewiring your subconscious so that you are permanently healed.


Healing & Manifestation Blueprint

😍An online journey through the process of healing your soul, rewiring your brain, and aligining with your manifestation magic.

11 In-Depth Video Modules leading you through the entire process I used to heal myself and unlock my manifestation magic.

From understanding the dynamics of your survival brain, to creating brain-soothing affirmations that work for you, rewiring your subconscious through inner child healing meditations, and learning everything you need to start manifesting intentionally.

This online course is chock full of exercises, explanations, workbooks, and meditations, designed to lead you step-by-step to you effortless manifestation magic and empowerment.


Soul Healing Circle

😍Ten Souls Only


(Consultation Call Necessary)

More Information Below


Soul Healing Circle - Ten Souls Only


(Consultation Call Necessary)


👨‍👩‍👧‍👧This is the year where I help you re-parent yourself in the cradle of a family we create for the purpose of healing. You receive the unconditional love, guidance, and approval that you always craved and always deserved. THIS family we forge lasts beyond this one year as the bonds we create are real and unbreakable.

🫂Within the love of this family, where you get to experience making mistakes, being vulnerable, and being authentically yourself without rejection, without disdain, without judgment and instead be welcomed and showered with approval and understanding, you will find healing, self-love, total confidence, and inner peace.

🧠I will show you how to permanently rewire your survival brain into calm, peace, and self-mastery. I will teach you how to connect with your higher self and spirit and expand your gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship, healing and energy work.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💵🏡🚀I will show you how to manifest any and all of your desires using imagination, energy, and intention.

💖At the end of this year, you will be healed, whole, confident, and a master manifestor who can give herself ANYTHING she desires, including a partner, a perfect job, a business that fulfills her and the money that keeps her safe and free.

How it will work:

➡️We will meet for Group Sessions every WEEK (52 Sessions).

➡️We will meet for 1:1 Sessions every WEEK (52 Sessions).

➡️AND there will be Zoom Check-Ins 2 Times a WEEK (104 Check Ins).


🫂You will be with me and/or your family FOUR times a week.🫂

💞You will be immersed in support and love and understanding and constant and consistent guidance on how to love yourself, forgive yourself, heal your traumas, and rewire your overthinking survival brain into relaxation and calm. 🧭


THIS immersive experience is necessary to radically REWRITE your survival trauma brain into a healed, relaxed, and confident brain.



➡️ Access to the Healing and Manifestation Blueprint Online Course ... a journey through the process of healing your soul, rewiring your brain, and aligining with your manifestation magic. 11 In-Depth Video Modules leading you through the entire process I used to heal myself. From understanding the dynamics of your survival brain, to creating brain-soothing affirmations that work for you, rewiring your subconscious through inner child healing meditations, and learning everything you need to start manifesting intentionally. This course is chock full of exercises, explanations, workbooks, and meditations, designed to lead you step-by-step through your own transformation process.

➡️ Bonus 1: You receive Access to the Membership Price for Additional Sessions (currently at $111)

➡️ Bonus 2: You get 24/7 voice and text message support from me. I usually respond within 12 Hours (often a lot sooner).

What is the Soul Healing Therapy System ?

Foundational Framework

Tribal Theory of Emotion: Love as a Measure of Safety

by Jess Taylor (Copyright 2020)

Our brains evolved to survive through belonging to a Tribe. That means our brains developed highly sensitive systems to perceive when our belonging was threatened. That's why we are so sensitive to rejection and, by extension, criticism. Because it meant death if we got expelled from the Tribe.   

Your brain is in CONSTANTLY fighting for Survival by desperately trying to predict and avoid potential rejection (and expulsion) from the Tribe. It doesn't matter that there is no Tribe that holds the power over your life and death.    Your brain is still the brain from the stone age. It hasn't caught up to the modern world (unfortunately, there may be parts of the world where being kicked out of the Tribe/Family could still mean death or at least extreme poverty.)  

If this Tribal Survival Brain of yours grew up in a Tribe where it experienced rejection, criticism, aggression, violence, disapproval, disdain, contempt, Shaming, guilting, brow-beating, cold-shouldering, withholding of love/care, blaming and making responsible for other people's feelings, helplessness, loneliness, abandonment, neglect, sexual abuse....IT NEVER LEARNED TO FEEL SAFE.   

Our brain measures how safe we are (belonging to the tribe) by how loved we feel. And when it's never felt SAFE because the love it received was unpredictable or was conditional or completely absent, it developed: perfectionism, self-blame, people-pleasing, argumentativeness, self-reliance, isolation, high-achievingness and all sorts of other ways to try and control, predict and avoid 'rejection' in all its forms. (Everything we are afraid of comes down to the fear of rejection.)  

And no matter how much you UNDERSTAND all this on an intellectual level, your Tribal Brain will not stop its fight for survival at the most primal level of you until it feels safe.  

Self-love is the only way to truly make your brain feel safe...because that love is not dependent on anyone else.   

How I help create self-love for even the most stubborn brains!

The Techniques

1. Calming Down the Survival Brain: Validation Affirmations

But to get to that feeling of self-love, we have to first CALM DOWN your survival brain’s defenses. And we do this NOT by fighting with it or arguing with it, but by making it feel heard and seen and validated … just like we would with a small child. (And, of course, in reality, your inner children LIVE inside your survival brain’s deeper levels … inside your subconscious.)  

We can’t make it feel safe yet … but the next best thing is to make it (and by extension all your inner children and traumatic memories) feel seen and heard.  

Think of your survival brain’s self-blaming, worrying, perfectionistic thoughts as MESSAGES of survival. And it’s sending them to you. To your consciousness. And when you argue with the message, when you dismiss the message, when you say that you shouldn’t feel this way or that everything will be okay … it will only get louder. It wants to be heard and seen. MORE SO, than it wants you to actually solve anything. And that is the TRICK that I learned that is not taught in any psychology program, that no therapist is taught, or guru or coach. All your brain needs to start calming down is to feel understood.  

Now, these affirmations are unique to everyone’s brain, experiences, and personality. That’s a big part of what I do in my 1:1 Therapy … I help you write your own Self-Validation Affirmations. Ones that resonate with your brain. Ones that actually calm down your nervous system. They have to FEEL GOOD or we rewrite them until they do. I cannot give you cookie-cutter affirmations. Everyone’s self-validation affirmations are slightly different, because everyone associates different things with different words.  

But here are some examples that work for me:   Of course, I’m afraid. It makes sense that I am given everything I’ve been through. Of course, I feel guilty all the time … for everything. It makes sense that I do given a childhood of neglect and abuse. Of course, I have a hard time saying no. Of course, I’m afraid of disappointing and upsetting others. It makes sense that I feel this way given the abuse and neglect of my childhood.   Some of these affirmations don’t resonate with me as much anymore. That’s because I healed a lot of the underlying traumas and had to upgrade my affirmations.  

2. Rewiring the Survival Brain: Worthiness Affirmations

THE next step is to create Worthiness Affirmations. These are affirmations that start to rewrite the survival brain’s foundation and is us getting as close to our subconscious as we can using our conscious mind. These Affirmations start with wherever you are at.

Here’s what I mean:  

Most of the typical affirmations that are recommended are things like “I love myself”, “I am beautiful and capable”, “I attract success and wealth into my life”  

But those never worked for me because my survival brain’s deeper layers filled with trauma-based beliefs are completely contradictory to those affirmations.   And all that would happen when I said them would be an instant resistance or just a hollow feeling.  

3. Rewriting the Subconcious Mind: Creating Self-Love & Healing the Traumas

AND NOW WE ARE READY to create the emotion of LOVE for yourself and rewrite the trauma memories of your inner children and rewire your subconscious mind.   And we do this by creating hypnosis-based visual spirit journeys. These are journeys that are guided by my intuition or higher self (whatever you choose to believe in) and this is where I lead you to the beginning of your life and we start a relationship with your infant self. Through this relationship and through these journeys you will begin to feel true and unconditional love for yourself. (The substance your soul is made from and your direct connection to your higher self.)

Sometimes the self-love comes through fast and you feel it very quickly, sometimes it takes multiple sessions before the self-love starts to come through. When the self-love comes through, we use it to travel from memory to memory, rewriting them, empowering the child, making them feel safe, worthy, protected, and loved.  

And we continue to do this for all the core memories inside your subconscious WHILE you are also upgrading to better and better worthiness affirmations.

The Results

Over the years, I have helped so many people go from people-pleasing, perfectionistic, overthinking, self-blaming, worried brains to calm, collected, peaceful souls that are impatient to start living the lives they have always wanted to live. And if they were a believer in manifestation and the Woo Woo world, they often also manifested amazing things like partners, perfect jobs, money and opportunities into their lives. And became aligned with their higher selves, their psychic gifts, and intution.  

I developed and created Soul Healing Therapy Programs and Workshops and Events ... because I want to reach as many anxious, overthinking, perfectionistic trauma brains as I can. I want to help them rewire their brains from fight-or-flight to that same sense of calm and inner peace that I finally found...and help them manifest their dreams.

Because trauma brains deserve the same happiness as everyone else.


Your Coach

Jess Taylor

Masters in Psychology

Soul Healer

Self-Love Therapist

Manifestation Teacher

Jess Taylor has developed multiple therapy programs based on neuroscientific principles to permanently create self-love, rewrite self-limiting beliefs, heal manifestation blocking memories and traumas, and create magnetic energetics in a person's energy field.

The Legal Stuff >>> Please READ

Jess Taylor is not a licensed mental health professional. By registering for the course, workshop, challenge, or therapy program you agree to assume full responsibility for your mental health and seek professional mental health care if needed or suggested by Jess Taylor. You further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Jess Taylor and Soul Healing with Jess, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives and/or agents from any claim, liability, loss, cost, damage, judgment, settlement or expense (including attorney's fees) resulting from or arising in any way out of injury (including death or suicide) to any person or damage to property arising in any way out of any act, error, omission or negligence on the part of Jess Taylor and/or Soul Healing with Jess in the performance or failure to fulfill the above services or obligations.

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